Prague weather forecast 

You can check the weather forecast for Prague on

Weather statistics:

Mean temperatureMaximum0381318212323191362
Mean Total Rainfall (mm)242328387873667040303225
Mean Number of Rain Days76671010997577

Source: Cesky Hydrometeorologicky Ustav


Which clothing to take?

  • In all seasons: take comfortable shoes. Most of the sightseeing and entertainement are within a small area so you will probably walk a lot – with breaks in nice Cafés and restaurants of course. Moreover, some streets are cobbled, so high-heel shoes will not be ideal during the day. You might want them for evening concerts, though...
  • In the summertime, summer cloth plus a pullover and a jacket in case it rains.
  • In winter, take all your warm clothing : warm coat, gloves, warm underwear, warm and water-resistant shoes, etc. In january and february for example, it rains twice less than in Paris or London, but the average temperature is 5 °C lower. You might encounter snow –and see how it makes Prague even more beautiful !